How To Wear False Eyelashes

So most Asian don't really have long eyelashes. I mean, even celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton is wearing false eyelashes everyday before leaving their house. Yes and me too sometimes... fine all the time! hehehe...

Here's a tip. Look for false eyelashes that can brighten up your eyes and make it bigger. For a more glamourous look, find those false eyelashes that are really, and like extremely thick. Like in some of my photoshoot photos that you may have seen, i'm wearing the thick ones which give a dramatic and glam look.

How to wear them:

1. Put over some mascara on your eyelashes. Curl them up. This would be a base for you so that when you put the false eyelashes, your own lashes will curl up together with the false. This will help your eyelash to look more natural all together.

2. Take false eyelashes at a time. Whichever you choose to put on first. Apply a small amount of the glue, and spread them evenly on the side.

3. Blow at it softly to allow the glue to dry up a little bit. Then really carefully apply the false eyelashes over the top of your eyelashes. Some do this with their eyes close, but i prefer to do it with both eyes open. Its hard to explain, but maybe next time we can arrange a class for you all and learn a fast and proffesional way of wearing them.

4. Let the false eyelashes stick to your eyelash. Don't touch them after you have put them on. Let it dry. (Tips: you can try taking a piece of paper and blow it gentle towards your eyelash so it dry faster)

5. Once its all done. VOILA!!!! Your eyes is ready to mesmerize everyone =)

Here is how my finishing touch look after wearing my false eyelashes>>>

a big fan of Christian Dior products...
photo taken 21 Nov 08 @ 3pm

Tips by Stella Matilda


wendy said...

wow you got so beautiful eyes! thanks for the tips~

charlotte t said...

do you have any tips on removing make up? cos if this job is not done nicely, it will spoil our face skin. thanks ya!

Bukit Bintang News Network said...

Hi, thanks for the comment

yes of course we have tips on removing make up as well.

I will write up on some best and affordable make up remover in my next 'beauty & cosmetics' post =)

xoxo Stella

charlotte t said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward for it. if possible, do post more on make up. i would like to learn more from you. thanks ya~

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