MOF, the Sweet Sensation!

Sugar High?
Try this Sweet Sensation!
MOF (Japanese Sweets & Coffee)
Location: Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (1.02.00)

Macha Imo RM11

Soft-serve Ice Cream with green tea sauce, red bean paste and Japanese Sweet Potato
Tips: This is my favorite! Here's how to eat it. Take abit of everything on the spoon and then eat them together. Yes this sounds like what Ratatouille in the movie says! MOF uses premium Grade A Japanese Sweet Potatoes imported from Japan. It taste so good, it feel like you're in Japan with the very first taste!

Tuna & Egg Wasabi Sandwich RM7

A Japanese sandwich recipe with fusion twist into it.

Now don't judge a book by its cover. I have never taste anything like this before! Its so delicious, the wasabi leave a soft touch in my taste bud I want to go back for more!

Macha Kurian RM15.50

Soft-serve Ice Cream with Green Tea sauce, kanten jelly, fruits, Japanese dumpling and Hokkaido red bean paste.

This is living in Paradise! If i have to choose between a man and an ice cream like this. Oh this ice cream will be the only thing that makes me happy! It looks good and taste good! Nyum!

What can I say, although we are also models on the side... Good food can't keep us away!

MOF gives sugar and ice cream a different meaning into people's life...

Left: Mango Kakigori RM11

Home-made mango sauce on crushed ice, topped with fresh mango slice and soft-serve ice cream

Right: Ice Macha RM6.50

A refreshing conbination of green tea with fresh milk in ice. Customer's no.1 choice!

Hot Macha Latte RM 9 (sweetened)

Home-made green tea sauce in fresh milk serve while its hot

Abekawa RM11

Oven-baked Japanese mochi with Japanese soya bean powder and Hokkaido red bean paste

Tips: Eat it while its still hot!


Experience MOF Healthy Authentic Japanese Food and Desserts


GREEN TEA POWDER: Mount Koya-san produces premium green tea powder; Vacuum-sealed to freshness. Green tea is rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a powerful anti-oxidant that inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Drinking green tea also lowers total cholesterol levels.

HOKKAIDO RED BEAN: is air-flown from Japan Hokkaido, vacuum-packed to remain authentic throughout. Native Japanese are discerning in differentiating quality of red bean, only premium grade Hokkaido red bean is chosen.

JAPANESE SWEET POTATO: MOF uses 100% premium Japanese sweet potatos to make into their famous 'Imo' series. The sweet potatoes are sweet naturally and no sugar added during the Imo-making process. Their Imo is low in sodium, calories and is also a good source of fibre. It is creation specially designed by the Japanese chef to cater to local palette.

SOFT-SERVE ICE CREAM: MOF pride themselves to be serving healthy ice cream produced using Hokkaido milk as base. Hokkaido milk is 6 times more costly than normal milk simply because it is almost organic and free from added chemicals, preservatices, artificial colourings and flavorings. MOF ice cream series certainly provides a healthier option for the discerning ice cream lovers.


Because BBNews team is also an ice cream lover, we are giving out special discount to BBNews users to enjoy the experience of MOF.

You are able to collect the vouchers during our roadshow in December.

We will be updating you very very soon...

Stay tune!

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by Stella Matilda


HiDd said...

wow.. the ice creams look very tempting.. gotta try it!

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the sandwich is very unique... try that too =)

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