The Next Top Place to Eat

Food makes a person happy.
But an excellent food makes a person comes back for more!

U-Café is the next top place to eat in Bukit Bintang.
It is a fusion restaurant which serves Asian Delights,
Exquisite Italian Pasta, and European Favorites with
an international standard of preparation and service.
I get to interview K.K Bong, the Executive Chef of U-Café and I get to know that he has 6 years of experience in the culinary industry. Now, he creates the entire recipe in the restaurant. What inspires him? Well, to the obvious he enjoys eating and cooking. He is only 25 this year, and single. *winks*

So why U-Café? It is because this will be your homely place for food, gathering, and to experience a memorable dining. The interior and exterior design is put together for a warm and welcome look, so customers would feel comfortable to dine in. U-Café officially opened last year in May, and it has been a strong positive responds from costumers both local and foreigners.

Top picture: What did they think of U-Café? A couple from Australia said this is their second time dining in U-Café. Food is excellent and they love it. Moreover, they also think the price is very reasonable and they enjoyed having their meal here.

Bottom picture: Three local girls are enjoying their dine-in session together.

K.K Bong serves me and my crew a big feast with some of the specialty drinks by U-Café which he created himself. He is one talented chef!

Grilled Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad
When I ate this I can taste rich in flavor of the mixture he uses for the salad, it’s a little of butter, mustard, olive oil and pepper if I’m not wrong. It’s some really yummy fresh salad!

New Zealand Mussel Explosion ***
Yes and the name of this recipe is definitely an explosive experience! Mussels baked with rich cheese on the top melting its way over it! Erm, writing this makes me hungry again!

Top: Stir Fried ‘Szechuan’ Box Beancurd Rice + Drink
RM 12.90
Bottom: Nasi Lemak Ayam + Drink
This is the lunch set menu they have for this season. They always come up with new promotions so you can save more as well and still enjoy the quality of the food.

Fusion Spaghetti with Asparagus & Prawn ***
This is my favorite! It’s a mix of Japanese and Italian recipe with ebiko. The paste taste so good, I would fall in love with who ever cooked it! The prawns were huge! K.K Bong orders it fresh from Sabah! My hometown! Sabah got super duper king yummy prawns!

Seafood Platter
Mix of scallop, oyster, mussel, baby octopus and BBQ shrimps. That is so fusion! It just gets better and better!

President Beef Rib ***
Want to feel like a king for a day? Well a must try recipe in U-Café! This recipe is limited to 15-20 servings a day because of the preparation time that takes a lot of effort. It cooks for a long slow hours to give you the best quality of the beef rib. Succulent as ever and by far the best ever beef rib I have tasted!

Fried Vermicelli with X.O Sauce and Mussel ***
Chinese style cooked with homemade oyster sauce with mussel and shrimp. It taste like home! This reminds me of my dad’s Chinese cooking *sniff* so that’s why I would go there eat again, it feels like home!

From left: Icy Green *** RM6.90, U De-Mint *** RM6.90, U Fresh Lemon Honey Drink RM6.90, Apple Crush *** RM8.90

By far, the best selling is U De-Mint! Why? Well, you’re going to have to check it out in U-Café to find out! *winks*

So I have show you almost 30% of what U-Café is offering, and the other 70% you will have to find it out yourself. Take your friends, your family or your loved ones to U-Café and share an excellent dining experience. We enjoyed it and you won’t regret it!

U Café Sdn Bhd
CO25 Fiesta Street,
Sungei Wang Plaza,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel/Fax: +60321429686

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Photo and article by Stella Matilda of BBNews


Benedicta*C_J said...

wow..the price is really reasonable..but sadly, it's not in kuching..;)

Justin Tiow Boon Keat said...

Wow... Nice food... Not bad.... ^^ Gonna try next time... ^^

Bukit Bintang News Network said...

yup ;)
everyday is packed, especially during lunch break! People who work close by would have their meal at U-Cafe, and weekends is crowded.

Oh Benedicta, im sure U-Cafe one day will expand to Sabah and also Kuching, because the chef is from Sarawak himself! So aren't u proud of your roots? hehehe

xoxo Stella

wendy said...

that does look good!

Stella Matilda said...

My crew and me was eating for almost 2 hours and 30 minutes hehehe its soooo sedap!!! nyam nyam nyam!!!

Justin Tiow Boon Keat said...

Heard from Jess... Nice treat from the Chef ^ ^

Wow.... website got improvement... but still there are some concern I want to raise up.... Who did this layout?

Bukit Bintang News Network said...

thanks for the support Justin =)

Benedicta*C_J said...

owh! really?? haha..of cos i'm proud..;)..wud b even prouder if he prepared some swak cuisine..;)..and perhaps from sabah frens from sabah love u take tuhao?

Bukit Bintang News Network said...

what is tuhao???

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