RM25 Mania & Pavilion Shopping Spree

The RM 25 Mania
Location: Sungei Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang

Nowadays, you don't really have to pay RM500 for a great looking jeans or tops. Sungei Wang Plaza have so many affordable & fashionable boutiques to help you look great as well as not drying up your purse and wallet for the guys. There are more and more boutiques with this RM25 concept in Malaysia. A million different kind of clothing designs for you to choose from. You name it, dresses, tops for casual & work, jeans, dinner dresses and cool t-shirt prints! Best part of these boutiques are that most of their collection always changes once the stock is finish and never will they bring back the same type of clothing. To avoid meeting someone with the same outfit by the street of course... (how embarrassing!)

Location: Bukit Bintang

I'm standing here waiting for my turn to walk across this busy traffic at Pavilion

I Love Top Shop, and guess what? They are on sales up to 50%
Top Shop
in Pavilion is the best because they have more to choose compare to KLCC.

I'm trying on 2 of Top Shop's potential tops that I might purchase soon =)
The white top is RM133 (with 50% off)
The navy blue with Stars on it RM236 (with 30% off)

I'm standing in front of Pavilion after my long day at Bukit Bintang.
I went to my favorite shop at Forever 21 and bought myself a gladiator high heels shoe about RM109.90

That's the end of my night here in Bukit Bintang on a Friday night =)
Until next time ;)

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by Stella Matilda of BBNews


The Donna said...

I love love love the RNM25 mania. But I enjoyed my time most in Times Square rather than Sungei Wang. It's too crowded there.

The Donna said...

I just love love love the RM25 mania!

But I enjoyed the most when I was at Times Square rather than Sungei Wang. Sungei Wang is too crowded.

Bukit Bintang News Network said...

ohh yeaaa times square got alot also i know =)

but i have not yet to go there experience the RM25 shops yet. So far sg. wang seems to be fairly good. I love their tops (t-shirts) and dresses =)

yeahh sungei wang alot of kidsss hehehehe..... and tourist....

xoxo Stella

Justin Tiow Boon Keat said...

You just went there tonight right? Cause I saw you came out from Ichiban Boshi...

Bukit Bintang News Network said...

yup =)
everytime i go pavillion i will go there eat, i love the Japanese food there hehehehe

xoxo Stella

Anonymous said...

a lot of lala students there, arabs also got alot, so times square is better.

Justin Tiow Boon Keat said...

Actually I got few comments and idea about this blog... I bring this up to Jess... Hope Jess may raise it up for you all to discuss about it...

Bukit Bintang News Network said...

aight ;) thats awesome, cant wait to hear your ideas =)

thanks justin =)

xoxo Stella

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