Bukit Bintang Is Up For A Party!

Everyone is in the mood for Christmas celebration! All race come together to celebrate this once a year and Malaysia is definately ain't a rasict country! Malay, Chinese, Indian and foreigners come together and share this special day.
A group of young people selling Christmas party hats, neon lights, and other cool stuff at RM5 per item. Some were selling spray that somehow comes out like snow!
Happening place to be, Bukit Bintang area! Looks like a pretty cool spot to party and have some fun, take some pictures and get in the mood for a fun night out! This is the Christmas spirit in Bukit Bintang area.... can't imagine what would it be like for New Year's Eve!!!

Beautiful lights along Bukit Bintang area... Starhill Gallery with 3 Christmas trees fully light up as bright as the stars. Pavilion's Christmas tree that somehow doesn't look very impressive...

Check out Forever21's latest billboard! Ahhh... loving it!
Of course... Louis Vuitton, the ever bright spot light that catches attention of every passer-by every single time...
Merry Christmas everybody!


Andrew said...

My days after partying late night out in Bukit Bintang has already passed! LOL =D And I thought, the best way to celebrate Christmas or New Year should be in someone else's home having some snacks and wine and chit chat and games would be best though!! LOL

Those partying night out is left for the younger generations.. LOL *ahem* I'm not that old though.. But great parties over there in Bukit Bintang!!

How I miss those days when we were stuck in the sea humans, packed, spraying those snow like stuffs and coloured stuffs... haha =D FUN!!!

Anyway~ Happy 2009 to all of you in BBNN!! -=D

YinYin said...

oh..i didn't know that BB had a such happening event ...i rarely go there...But next time i will bring a long my penang friend there ^^

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