Dain Ti Hill

A luxurious experience in Dain Ti Hill which feature Chinese, Japanese and Western cuisine.

Dain Ti Hill is indeed an eye-catching place to eat. The interor design is inspired by the New Tang Dynasty customize design by famous Taiwanese interor designers. As you walk in, do take notice of the little details of the decor such as Peony flower (Chinese National Flower).

Soft Ice Cream on baked sweet potato with Green Tea sauce and red bean RM 14

Tips: Dig in down under the ice cream and eat it together with the baked sweet potato and red bean.
this is a famous japanese dessert that everyone must experience at least once in their life!

***Hot fragant sago with yam RM 12

This is one of our (BBNews team) favorite. It was so tasty that we almost had to lick the bowl!

Mango Ice Blended RM 10

Soft Ice Cream serve with special mango syrup gliding over the ice cream with chunks of fresh mango.

___________________more in the menu_________________

Seafood Udon Stir-Fried RM 18

Baked rice roll stuffed with crab meat, pork floss, avocado, papaya, honeydew, topped with fish roe, mustard sauce and mayonnaise RM 32 (non-muslim)

we have tried this before, its really delicious. Good for a light snacks with at 2 person.

***Pork Chop Rice RM 18 (non-muslim)

This is one of the best selling, and one of my favorite as well

***Sauteed Imperial beef steak with special sauce RM 18

this is their specialty section, so you gotta try this when you visit Dain Ti Hill

Dain Ti Hill is one of our Exclusive Partner, therefore BBNews users will be able to redeem cash vouchers from our BBNews Team during our Roadshow which will be located in Bukit Bintang Area starting next week. Don't miss out your chance to get discounts in a dynasty dining experience. (Limited while stock last)

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by Stella Matilda


Andrew said...

Owhh... That's one new place that I just discovered from you all =D heheh... not bad wor, got chinese, jap and western.. hrm.. must go try try abit.. +D

Bukit Bintang News Network said...

yup yup
very very sedap ;)

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

wow nice. pictures nicely taken and the food definitely looks good ^^

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